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Barús – Fanges / Drowned tape bundle

Both Barús tapes available for one special price. Read more about these tapes below.


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Both Barús tapes available in one package!

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Drowned: In piecing together the ambitions of their experimental death metal sound within a full-length format Barús offer a structurally complex death metal album that bridges the adventurous spirit of earlier (pre-‘From Mars to Sirius’) Gojira with Gorguts‘ ‘Obscura’ using the atmospheric ripples of turn of the century Immolation to fill in the gaps. It is a curious piece to dive into because there is as much ‘The Link’ as there is influence from Arkhon Infaustus (or even DeathSpell Omega‘s least orthodox momentum) and I haven’t yet mentioned the nigh post-rock feeling atmospheric elements (see: “Engorge”, “Amass”) that actually works remarkably well in terms of providing variety and fluidity. How can this possibly be palatable? By virtue of a heavy attraction to discordant and unique progressive death metal, admittedly. –

Fanges: The two tracks are massive worlds within themselves, but also show two sides of the band. “Fanges” relies on overdubs and layers upon layers of sound to overwhelm the listener, achieving a larger-than-life presence that’s more atmospheric and sludge-leaning, while ” Châssis de Chair,” recorded live in the rehearsal space, immediately launches into violent riffs and bombastic blast beats. Both tracks include plenty of riffs, to be sure, but “Fanges” swathes them in shades of anxious noise, preferring to build tension through a shifting soundscape. “Châssis de Chair” has a more singular focus, showing a similar aptitude for creating pressure that draws from off-kilter grooves and powerful vocals as often as gnarled and intricate motifs. The band’s control over cadence and selectively-applied devastation continuously escalates each song, only reluctantly relaxing as the song draws to a close. As the EP ends, with rumbling chords and clattering fills to match, there’s no comfortable or logical resolution—just a sense that what’s done is done, and there’s no going back. – Invisible Oranges

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