Iffernet – Silences

Tape comes as a regular edition tape as well as a special edition box.

Box contains:

  • Iffernet – Silences tape
  • two Iffernet stickers
  • numbered card
  • booklet with lyrics
  • Iffernet high quality pin
  • Iffernet patch (not yet pictured)

 7.77 25.00

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French nefarious black metallers IFFERNET are proud to announce their upcoming second album “Silences”, due out November 4th 2022 via Vendetta Records, Rope or Guillotine, Bad Moon Rising, Breathe Plastic Records and La Harelle.

IFFERNET’s raw sound brings many diverse elements in their music keeping at the same time the essence of pure black metal. It’s traditional and modern, haunting with a strong atmospheric vibe and a touch of melancholy.

FFO: Weakling, Urfaust, Fluisteraars

“Silences is a very strong album that offers an experience that’s a cut above that of your average black metal act. It’s immersive and engaging, and benefits from a level of dynamic structuring and emotive musical flow that’s less commonly found. Check out what Iffernet are doing on Silences, as it’s worth spending some quality time with.

Very highly recommended” – Wonderbox