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Ihloosuhree – In de Fleur van de Sleet

Ihloosuhree started as a two-piece in early 2011. After several years of writing and DIY recording,
‘Collapsing Truths & Absurd Transformations’ was released on CD and distributed to a small group of people in December 2013.

Soon afterwards the need to evolve into a full band, to take their craft to the next level, emerged. After a while they clicked with both a fitting drummer and bass guitarist whose mindset and personal
input enriched the band’s material.

In 2016 Ihloosuhree started performing live on stage. Soon after they entered the studio to record their first full length, ‘Analysis Paralysis’. Babylon Doom Cult Records released the album on vinyl in May 2018.

More gigs were executed and Ihloosuhree continued to blaze through the dirt of the world without looking back. They kept on growing on their uncertain black/death metal trip filled with
dissonance and devouring, unruly rhythms. As a result the upcoming EP ‘In De Fleur Van De Sleet’ was recorded to be unleashed onto the masses on tape by Ratking Records and Breathe Plastic Records in 2020.

About the EP:
‘In De Fleur Van De Sleet’ is an Antwerpian saying which roughly translates to ‘In The Prime Of Wear And Tear’.

Decay is the main theme of this new Ihloosuhree EP, made abundantly clear by both the artwork and tracklist.

Decay manifests itself in the sound as well. On these four tracks Ihloosuhree bring you an idiosyncratic form of dark, oppressive metal of death drenched in dissonant, haunting black metal spheres of sinister despondency and relentless putrefaction.

Nothing really means anything, nothing lasts forever, everything is illusory!

Co-released with Rat King Records

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