misanthropæ – Untitled

Edition of 66 tapes, on gold cassette


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“[Misanthropæ’s] debut full-length should perk the ear of folks attuned to early Ulcerate, Wake, and Noctambulist though he has his own cold, bleak angle set upon said ringing dissonant guitar techniques and admirably brutal application of blasts which builds intense momentum throughout the albums ~33 length.”


“This album as a whole really has left me speechless. The amount of creativity and force behind this album delivers this to the next level and is easily album of the year material to me.”

– Nick Deshift |

“All I know is the blasting is lethal, those hanging chords of dissonance envelop you and the vocals are ferocious. Fuck yeah.”

– Dan Klajncar |

“Misanthropæ is an American project that released a debut of Ulcerate-like atmosphere and riffage. A blastbeat paradise.”

– Ron Ben Tovim |

“Untitled is a very threatening and oppressive album, the musical structure is downright ruthless featuring the perfect marriage of blackened death metal with dark dissonance, along with its chaotic and somber guitar riffs, terrifying vocals, and overly aggressive drumming.”

– Medis Setyadi |

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